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Publishers :


Flblb : more than a comics publisher


Flipboku : a Spanish publisher specializing in flip books with six animations


Fliptomania : an American publisher of originals flip books


Flipworkz : Zooflipz and Dinoflipz, two US series dedicated to animals


Optical Toys : an American publisher of flip books an optical toys


Schacks Daumenkinos : a German publisher and international flip books retailer



Retailers :


Librairie Florence Loewy : the Parisian bookseller where Florence Loewy have always artist’s flip books


Heeza : a French website to find international flip books


Lendroit : the bookseller in Rennes wich promote artist’s books


Printed Matter : an American bookseller to find artist's flip books



Artists :


Colorant 14: Two artists with a refreshing sens of humor


Scott Blake : a very inventive American artist


Julia Featheringill : a talented American artist


Wiebke K. Fölsch : an artist and German photograph with a fertile imagination


Volker Gerling : the German « Daumenkinographe »


George Griffin : a pioneer of animation


Ruth Hayes : an American artist who made her first flip books in 1979


Patrick Kelley : an American artist which always astonishes us


Jean-Vincent Sénac : a French cartoonist


Mark Sinclair : an original experience on internet


Stefanie C. Zürn: a German artist



Customs flip books publishers :


La Caverne du Geek : A French wholesaler who makes flip books


Flippies : an American publisher of customs flip books


Ben Zurawski : an American designer who offers customs flip books


Mein-daumenkino : a German publisher who realize flip books from your videos



The website of a viewers manufacturer  : : Joe an their Retroscopes